Housing 2016

Rains Houses

The Bay Area Ophthalmology Course has reserved apartments for those of you attending the BAOC from June 25 through July 23. Rains Houses are located at 203 Rosse Lane, Stanford, CA 94305. These are fully furnished 2- or 4-bedroom apartments with a locking private bedroom, shared bathroom, kitchen and common area. You have “Weekly Service”, which means beds are made upon arrival. Linens (sheets, pillowcases and towels) are changed and trash cans emptied on either the third day of occupancy or on a date agreed upon in your planning meeting with your Conference Coordinator. If any item is left on the bed on linen exchange days, linen service will NOT be provided. Supplied linens include: bedspread, sheets, blanket, pillow and pillowcase, two towels, and one washcloth. A small bar of soap, soap dish and paper cups are also provided. Internet is included.

Please note these rooms are for single persons only. For family housing (off campus) please look at the link at the bottom of this page regarding community housing, or contact Judy Roberts (judy.roberts@stanford.edu).

Accommodations do not include: television, dishes, utensils, cooking supplies or decorative items.
Housing package is $2474.00 per person




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